Roller shutters

WINDOW-MOUNTED SHUTTERS – systems installed directly on the window or door frame, with the possibility of revising both from the front and bottom of the box. Thanks to the insulation insert they have high thermal insulation. The guides and box can be covered with decorative foils from RENOLIT palette ensuring perfect matching with color range of windows.
Revision from the front
Revision from the bottom


WALL-MOUNTED SHUTTERS – The shutter system intended for use in existing buildings, the shutter is rolled to the rectangular or semicircular aluminum box mounted on the wall or outside of the frame. This is a very functional solution independent of the type of window. The color range of boxes and curtains for the shutters create an attractive element of the building facade.


INTEGRO SHUTTERS – Of all the shutters structures, they have the best thermal insulation of lintels in the area of the shutter box. INTEGRO shutter boxes are placed outside, in insulation layer of the wall, hidden beneath the facade. Access panel is located on the lower, horizontal side of the shutter box and is practically invisible. This type of shutters is particularly useful in buildings with high energy efficiency and passive buildings.
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