Curtain walls


MC-WALL – Light curtain wall structure. MC-Wall curtain wall consists of vertical mullions and horizontal transoms joined together with stainless steel pin joints. It provides a very high load capacity of mullion-transom connections, both in wind resistance and glazing load weight. It does not interfere with the possibility to use traditional transdom brackets or mounting them only with screws from the front. In the production stage the transoms are insulated by a thermal break from company Aliplast. The solution of using a transom integrated with thermal break considerably speeds up the installation of façade. The selection of thermal break depends on the thickness of the filling in the curtain wall. It is possible to apply the fillings from 2 to 31mm in case of transoms with integrated thermal break, and up to 42mm in the transoms with a separate thermal break. The entire wall construction can be finished from the outside using all kinds of decorative and masking strips with rounded edges and traditional strips with a rectangular shape. It is possible to make the wall without any visible external aluminum components.


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